Welcome and thank you for visiting my website!

My website has three galleries:

Mixed Media

My mixed media work incorporates a variety of elements.  I often use recycled lead printing press type to express an idea and mirrors to bring the viewer into the work itself.  Colors, designs and words make the work whole. Pieces that are light enough, can be hung on a wall; heavier pieces usually rest on easels. Visit the Links page to view a short video and see more of my work!

Oil Paintings

The oil painting gallery  includes some of my favorite landscapes, a few florals and even a Sandhill Crane.

Hand Series

The Hand Series represents my explorations with color, transparency and perspective. They are oil paintings all 16×20 in size.I hope that you will like my work! Please contact me by email with any questions, comments or inquiries.

Again, thanks for visiting!

Ellen West